Monday, October 31, 2011

I Am Indisposed

The Broken Crown

I Am Indisposed

You asked it of me,
tapping the lucidity
of my aging skin,
feeling the shape of
my familiar, the old bear,
grieving my broken
crown and seat thrown down
by brigands and thieves who came
by sea and by land
too if truth be known,
so beseiged I've been in this
last open season.

You asked it of me
and I have tried to tell you,
but this hound don't hunt.

October 31, 2011 6:54 PM

The Old Bear and Friend


  1. i must be thick tonight. i read it six times before the language set into me. it should have from the start. it is all right there.

    my, how we are affecting one another. i am glad for this. what else is there?


  2. I sure hope you aren't taking this into the personal realm too much. Yes, we are affecting each other deeply but not as if we were negotiating matters of the heart between us directly. At least for me my poems are tangents to yours and the "you" of them need not be my lovely friend Erin. What happens for me when I read yours is I stand in the wind of your poem and then follow my course as I tack my sails into imaginary worlds. Of course in several of those worlds I am thoroughly in love with you as you manifest there :D

  3. What a dance, I love this poem my friend. It strikes the warm strings of my soul.


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