Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hoping You Would Notice Me

The Girl With The Clean Scent

What a fantasy.  The real girl with the clean scent, I was a Senior all right and I remember her name.  The thing is, however fresh she was then, she's been rode hard and put up wet just like me probably now.  She like me would be in her mid sixties.  I just remembered this, haven't thought of it in years.  Her clean girl scent was distinctive and among the best smells of my senior year.  I remember her scent now and if I sniffed it again I would hoot and holler for a while.  I really would lay my head down just so I could get close enough to sniff her back.  I never had the courage to speak with her.  The class was advanced algebra and trigonometry.  Unlike Jennifer Aniston above, my classmate was dark and curly haired.  She was a definite looker in her way all right.

The thing is, I use the math taught me in that class in my work life routinely today.  I'm happy I actually passed the course no matter how distracted I was.

Hoping You Would Notice Me

I sat behind you
passed his notes like in third grade
wishing they were mine.
Often I would lean
forward to catch your clean scent
like I did with Jenn
at my desk in math.
That was in my Senior year.
I passed notes to you
like a snake shedding
skin not mine hoping you would
never notice my

October 20, 2011 12:49 PM


  1. how we are always and eternally suckers for one another in one way or another. how we lay down to sniff one another out thereby gaining some form of grace for ourselves.


  2. Oh I am very much in favor of the whole show. Loving you.


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