Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Cost Of It All

The Winged Elephant courtesy Tess at Willow Manor

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There is always a price to pay, no matter what you do. When all of the costs, small and large, physical and metaphysical, are gathered together in the center ring of the circus, it may not only be pigs but elephants and people who learn to fly. At the heart of things for me lies a grief that cannot abate. The entertainment value rises, however, at the gatherings of the like minded once their souls align.

The Cost Of It All

When the elephant
last flew many people were
despondent at not
having wings as well
as the exalted vision
assigned to fliers
of the pachyderm

That view felt like
a reduction in
the cost of it all
though the clear stated price was
a wee loss of love.

Written for Magpie Tales No. 85
October 2, 2011 9:36 AM


  1. a wee loss of love- small price to pay to fly? I'll walk thanks and keep the love!
    I see you are here in Oregon too- just across the river - enjoy your day!

  2. This is so cleverly written Christopher, I wish the cost of it all were not also the greatest gift of all. But the price is fair, for such a gift. And for our temporary flights.

  3. This broke my heart. Thoughtful and beautifully written.

  4. Umm, Kathe, I surely don't know the "right" answer to the conundrum, only that there is heartbreak either way.

    Tess, you amaze me of course and it is your poem that led me.

    Shaista, now there are the three sides to this in the comments, where Kathe opts for love, you for the wisdom, and Tess remarks on the price.

    Thingy, so of course you come along and report what happens next, no matter the way.

  5. Beautiful... That's the only word I can think of...


  6. I enjoyed the contrast between the grand scale of pachyderm and the wee loss.

  7. A wee loss of love is a small loss in money terms but a big loss in emotions and care. Not having a view from the top is ok as long as we have loved ones by our side. Great thinking Chris!


  8. A circus ...for sure. Intriguing write.

  9. There's no way out except out. Love this one!

  10. JJ, Carrie, Kathy, kaykuala, Ann, Tumblewords, and Jo thank you for reading and saying you were here. I am happy for it. As ever, I wish I didn't have to work for a living at my age so I could spend more time and have more energy for interacting in such a lovely community.

  11. Dear Christopher:

    "a wee loss of love" for not having wings to fly. Love can fly then? :) Enjoyed very much!

  12. "When the elephant last flew..." just set the stage for numerous visions and readings for this poem. There are different stories told each time this brilliant poem is read with those beginning words!


  13. a case well make,

    enjoyed your magpie.

  14. Your poetry is magic, aligning our souls ...

  15. love gives me all the wings i need...smiles. nice write...

  16. chicco, Rick, Morning, Helen, Brian, I am pleased to welcome you. May we all find the right balance of wisdom, vision and love.

  17. Only a wee loss? Interesting writing.

  18. we are all to prone to long for the unattainable at whatever cost

    great lines

  19. A gift of a whole lot of love can also make us soar...
    Interesting take on this image!


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