Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Wolf Races The Train

I am blessed with internet poet friends. I hope you will give yourself a good gift and visit Erin at her blog "in search of white space". She has outdone herself on this post journal 48, by train and I had to answer her...

A Wolf Races The Train

I shall howl at you,
howl at the first and last cars
and at the power
of the driving wheel.
I shall race you and the moon
through the night erect
and pounding though stones
bruise the pads of my hirsute
feet while I drip from
my lolling red tongue.
I shall stop and raise my throat,
and with my opened
wide gaping gasping
breath I shall demand of you
that you give me life.

October 6, 2011 8:06 PM


  1. Oh wow. I suppose I am reading the end prior to the beginning, but this piece is so HUNGRY. I love it.

  2. Annie, I like your comment a bunch. I was letting Erin lead. I think you will find her post HUNGRY too. That's a good word for a quality I really like in her work. She is not starving, not by a long shot but she is really hungry much of the time. Actually, I think you are too in your own way.

  3. Ha! I might use starving in my own reference...yet finally beginning to fill. The first bites are always the most flavorful. At present I am enjoying a respite from the gnawing pains. Not sated, not starving. Present.

    Yes. Hungry is very apt of Erin. I loved her poem as well. It's wonderful to tag on to such a ride.

  4. christopher, i find this quite by accident all these months later. i was looking for an old blogging friend and somehow this came up. i had left the country after i wrote that train post. i never saw this. all these months later i say, thank you, and tell you how insufficent thank you is in terms of my gratitude.



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