Monday, October 10, 2011

Running For Cover


The Tridevi – the conjoined forms of Lakshmi in Right, Parvati in middle and Saraswati in left- considered Shaktis of the TrimurtiVishnuShivaand Brahma respectively
Weaponweapons of all Hindu gods
ConsortShiva (for Parvati), Vishnu (For Lakshmi), Brahma (for Saraswati)

The tridevi is Sanskrit for "the three divine ones".  There are many triune arrangements of Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu spiritual systems.  Two of them are offered here, the tridevi and the trimurti.  Also here is a marriage of Sanskrit with western evolved forms of Indo-European languages.  Tri in Sanskrit is three or trinity or triangle or....
It is important to see that the tridevi conjoin.  So do the trimurti.  This begins to reveal the depth of the Hindu system in which there are thousands of deity, yet really there is only one - there is only one yet really there are thousands.  Or perhaps there are none; there is only you, only me, only Shakti and wisdom and devotion.  Power, Wisdom, Devotion - here is yet another trinity.
In the Hindu Chakra system, the flow in and through the centers is the flow of Shakti.  There is a yoga called Shakti Yoga which is designed to evoke and enhance the Shakti flow.  Russill Paul has a CD of music that comes from this tradition, part of a trilogy of musical yogas, Shabda, Shakti and Bhava Yoga.  Part of the Shakti circulation  is from the earth into the root chakra, and from the sky into the crown chakra.  This is the reason for sitting, to connect the root with earth while the crown penetrates the sky to complete the circuit.  Here is a poem concerning what happens next when the crown chakra opens by accident in an unprepared guy.  Me.  Oops.

Running For Cover

Now that there's a hole
in the top of my noggin
see what all leaks out
and how it lands, jams
the old reeds into the mud
at the misty lake's
edge while scurrying
for cover, running to duck
the coming day's light.
December 24, 2009   1:59 PM

I hope you notice that the contents that have escaped are the bits running for cover, not me. Me, I am stuck in the mud, prolly.

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