Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going To The Afghans

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This week's words: Carnage, Jerk, Puncture

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Going To The Afghans

"Slip loose the dogs of
war!" you roared, quoting Shakespeare.
What a real jerk off.
The carnage is yours.
I hope you find your own fate.
Red pain, blood slick pools
Of courage - we fools
fell on this killing ground you
set for us this day -
devotion's damned dance
of heroes, of death's sharp prick.
I weep for us all.
This puncture of rage
has holed my heart and my hope
for the human race.

November 2, 2011 5:28 AM


  1. Well said..I can see the anguish..

  2. Powerful words..the scarves around these fighters necks also bring home the depersonalisation of battle..war..Jae (ps my verification word was holywar(i))

  3. powerful words you can feel the anguish,

  4. Now here is a poem after my own heart. Well spoken!

  5. Given the number of innocents that get hurt by it, I don't see how anyone can enter into war lightly.

  6. Back in the day, I was prepared for my fate, refusing anything to do with Viet Nam and even the Army Reserves. My fate in the form of court martial for desertion would have come except for the insanely hard work of my mother and some strange twists of fate. I spent the last two years of my obligation exiled in East Pakistan and received an honorable discharge instead.

  7. Face it, Chris G, you can write...


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