Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Self Esteem

This week Thom has offered up these three words: admire, follow, piece...

Go to Three Word Wednesday. Click here -- 3WW-CCLXII. There you will find a whole crew of people who have contributed their work.

Self Esteem

It's not that they fawn
nor do they admire, follow
every strange piece
as behind the lead
dog in harness, whip cracking
overhead with sled
scraping snow behind
and me alongside
panting out my hope.
Especially not my piece,
not this snowbound piece,
they neither admire
nor will they follow.

I admit this hurts my pride.
I think I'm that good

Written October 10, 2011 12:32 PM

As you can see, I was unable this morning to squeeze the muse. She was aloof and unresponsive, but at noon things were fine between us and all it took was a little caress, me of her and then she of me. This poem is a collaboration in that way, definitely. Without her I would never have the courage and my poetry would be filled with falsehood as well as imagination. I don't know about you guys but I know very well the cumbersome and graceless poetry which comes when I lack the essential courage, insight, and grace.

However, even though I could write the poem, I could not post from my work computer because the corporate network is old and obsolete as far as Blogger is concerned. I can read and even comment (though I don't have time for that much at work) but I cannot post. Blogger is kind enough to warn me that some things will not work and Blogger is right.

Along with the canines above, I howl out my distress. :( oooowwwoooo.


  1. the photos are outstanding -
    enjoyed the playfulness of the poem.

  2. I agree the photo's are wonderful, and I loved the poem ... especially the last part! It made me smile :o)

  3. Excellent pics and I loved the ending of the poem.

  4. Despite your self criticism I found the poem great in that it seemed to echo the dogs panting as they pulled the sled along. Or it may have been just me that was panting!

  5. Yeah, I got the feel for this!


  6. Maybe the muse took you on a sled ride in a different direction..I can see the frustration in the howl..still a magical piece..Jae

  7. outstanding pictures the work is just as good.


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