Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Hangover

The Little King - Sowa

Michael Sowa (born 1945) is a German artist known mainly for his paintings, which are variously whimsical, surreal, or stunning. His paintings often feature animals and are titled in English and German. Sowa studied at the Berlin State School of Fine Arts for seven years and worked briefly as an art teacher before focusing entirely on his career as a painter and illustrator.

The Hangover

This is difficult
how you keep popping into
my life, your red presence
between my coffee
and my old style morning news,
daring me to reach for
one or the other,
forcing me after this to go
all final on you,
all serial, knife
flashing in the naked light
as I cut your coat.

Written October 9, 2011 9:20 PM

The Little King - Otto Soglow

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales. Go to Mag 86 for inspiration. Click here


  1. I love this piece, as well as the cartoon you've included. Excellent write.

  2. Hm, a bit unexpected the last line.

    Should I say I 'like' the poem? probably not, it's too good for that.

    I looked at your profile:
    In German, Wall also means 'street' location, thoroughfare. I enjoyed reading your profile, it's unusually interesting compared to many others.

  3. Excellently imaginative. Great last line, too.

  4. Oh brilliantly done, very good!

  5. Wonderful write, and thanks for the info about Sowa.

  6. aside from the good piece... nice info about Michael Sowa... nice post!


  7. For a moment, I read that last line as 'cut your throat!' It made me do a double take. LOL

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. I really like what you did with the prompt this week. I'll be back.

  9. dang - You are good at this! Clever you!

  10. I like how you manage to hit a tone as surreal as the painting itself, and I like how in the end, the violence is diffused. What I can't fathom is how you can possibly tackle the morning news with such a hangover.

    My Magpie 86 entry is Cepheus.

  11. Thank you all, I have visited most of you and commented on several, left a poem at a couple because sometimes I can't resist.

    The hangover is old experience, long gone, 28 years at least since the last one, but I know hangovers well. Of course as a professional drunk, I didn't have hangovers all that often.

    and Roy, that surreal tone is just the normal neighborhood for me...

  12. I love this! Serial indeed! Cereal might be the prudent choice.
    You make me laugh ............

  13. Breathe!....... I thought it was 'cut your throat" silly me. :D Thanks for supplying us info on Michael Sowa.

  14. When I first read this, my eyes filled in 'cut your throat' for 'cut your coat', which shows how inattentive a hangover - of any kind - can make one.

    Clever poem and entertaining

  15. This poem is a perfect demonstration how the human mind is trained to work. "Cut your throat" is the trained up and expected phrase. "Cut your coat" is totally rare though perfectly sensible and probably backed up by an image from some TV show or other where buttons are flipped off. One is violent and murderous while the other is violent but only threatening.

    We tend to rush to all black or all white and feel uncomfortable with the shades between, all things being equal.

  16. i usually get that hangover after reading the morning news...vivid and intense a response, but i understand the feeling...

  17. Chock full of good stuff! When life is a fantasy, anything is possible, even a very surprising ending...Good Movie!!

  18. Truly wonderful version of the hangover effects and how it plays on the minds.

  19. Thank you, everyone. Now all I have to do is measure up to my own standard all the time...:D

    Fat chance.

  20. Fascinating...I too read "cut your throat" until Jinksy brought to our attention that the word was "coat'. Good poem!

  21. Yep. Just another example of how we put the world together ourselves and then are surprised when it turns out different.

    Artists are specifically taught to "see straight" because our crooked mind and expectation driven sight actually stands in the way of art.

    Without that discipline we are robbed of the real.

  22. Playful poem, in keeping with the image! I really like your Magpie.


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