Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Is Too Soon

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"The truth is you already know what it's like. You already know the difference between the size and speed of everything that flashes through you and the tiny inadequate bit of it all you can ever let anyone know. As though inside you is this enormous room full of what seems like everything in the whole universe at one time or another and yet the only parts that get out have to somehow squeeze out through one of those tiny keyholes you see under the knob in older doors. As if we are all trying to see each other through these tiny keyholes.

"But it does have a knob, the door can open. But not in the way you think. The truth is you've already heard this. That this is what it's like. That it's what makes room for the universes inside you, all the endless inbent fractals of connection and symphonies of different voices, the infinities you can never show another soul. And you think it makes you a fraud, the tiny fraction anyone else ever sees? Of course you're a fraud, of course what people see is never you. And of course you know this, and of course you try to manage what part they see if you know it's only a part. Who wouldn't? It's called free will, Sherlock. But at the same time it's why it feels so good to break down and cry in front of others, or to laugh, or speak in tongues, or chant in Bengali - it's not English anymore, it's not getting squeezed through any hole.

"So cry all you want, I won't tell anybody." - David Foster Wallace, Oblivion

David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962 – September 12, 2008) was an American author of novels, essays, and short stories, and a professor at Pomona College in Claremont, California. He was widely known for his 1996 novel Infinite Jest, which Time included in its All-Time 100 Greatest Novels list (covering the period 1923–2006). Los Angeles Times book editor David Ulin called Wallace "one of the most influential and innovative writers of the last 20 years". Wallace's unfinished novel, The Pale King, was published in 2011. A biography of Wallace by D. T. Max is projected for publication in 2012.

I don't know why but I have witnessed apocalyptic visions rise in me this week. I have mentioned certain aspects of it already here and there. I think something big is coming in the scientific realm very soon, based on stirrings in the science news this week. Other things are happening, like it appears both Mexico and Guatemala are releasing for publication by certain archeologers material which may build a yet stronger case for alien visitations to the Maya from somewhere. Overt change is afoot, or so it seems to me.

It Is Too Soon

I cannot come back
home to you from this outpost
on the far far edge
of the western lands.
This is my latest exile.

I walk the new shore
God created here,
shook out last Thursday morning,
looking for any
life at all, any
faint hint that it will arise
but it is too soon.

December 23, 2009   8:35 AM


  1. the new shore - is it created every morning but we choose not to see?

  2. I once knew first hand the constant cycle of creation from one tiniest instant to the next, the love of God so sustaining that the whole thing is recreated again and again, at least hundreds of times in any one second. If we or some other managed to break His Infinite Concentration, the whole thing would unravel this instant. He would have to start over. There is a rumor that this has already happened. Many times. Douglas Adams informed me of this rumor. However, my own experience of creation occurred prior to me reading Doug's book.


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