Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Must Hold Back

In Three Word Wednesday Thom offers us

Eject; verb: Force or throw (something) out, typically in a violent or sudden way; cause (something) to drop out or be removed, usually mechanically; compel (someone) to leave a place.

Impact; noun: The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another; the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another; verb: Come into forcible contact with another object.

Render; verb: Provide or give (a service, help, etc.); cause to be or become; make; represent or depict artistically; melt down (fat).

Eject came to English during the Middle English renditions (rendition means state of being rendered :D) of the Latin heritage, more or less directly from the Latin "ejectus" from "jacere"=to throw, thus "e-jacere"="out-to throw, or to throw out" with a back meaning "with some force".

Impact is a more modern borrowing also from Latin, a conjugation of "impingere". Thus there is a marriage between "impinge" and "impact", where "impinge" carries senses that one imposes while "impact" is more like a blow with the back meaning that all the impositions collapse and are viewed all at once in a single act.

Renderis the oldest word, perhaps, and traces from Middle English through Middle French to a split source, the Vulgate Latin "rendere" and the Latin "prendere" = red + dare. All meaning to give back, in part or parts. This stream of etymology connects with PREHENSILE, DATE, and DO.

I Must Hold Back

Your full impact is
(despite my view of your fine
slick form before me)

my desire as you will, love.

So long as you act
with delicacy,
your touch on my scattered parts
will not eject me
beyond our dreamy
world where gods and goddesses
play at creation.


  1. this is exactly why I has to stop reading A Tale of Two Cities. And this happened not twenty minutes ago reading an excerpt of chapter twelve.

  2. Yes very dreamy and playful..Jae

  3. Who, Which is why you had to stop reading? I take it you mean that you cannot find it in you to hold back. If not that, then it ejects you??

    Cool, provocative, dreamy and playful...but I wonder what lies beyond the realm...I am acting as if it is Gehenna that is out there. Perhaps it is only that my lover will not follow me there. Perhaps it would be better so. Or perhaps my lover will follow. Then I am possibly holding back against myself.

  4. I like that dreamy world where gods and godesses play at creation!

    NaiSaiKu Time

  5. half the time I feel ejected from myself. Maybe that's where my poetry comes from. Your poetry made sense to me. In lots of ways...


  6. Om namah Shivaya!

    I like to think, Gautami, that I am unsuccessful at closing myself up, that there are gaps or cracks where the creative forces can get through to me. Of course this requires of me a radical trust in things...and that requires a mastery of something I call spiritual judo. If I am alert and adept then I can step out of the way of inimical forces or else if the defense is beyond me, then I rely on God. I am open. He will be there. I am sure that God loves to be used in this way if only I ask.

  7. I meant quite literally that less than a half hour before reading your post, I had to quite a reading (quit reading) an excerpt from "tale of two cities" specifically chapter 12.

    I use to get a firmer grasp on vocabulary that I have a general sense of the meaning, but not a knowledge deep enough to really hear the voice behind the words (which is often not a specific author per se, however it is an extremely specific thought. But to share the same thought, as apposed to thinking a similar one, there are many words I need a better understanding of (and sometimes to read the context that had the most impact on the word's precedence for a time period) usually has several examples of the word being used in a literary work. The chapter of the listed book and author is one click away for many words I look up. So many days I am reading chapters of seemingly completely unrelated random bits and pieces of books/articles/sequenced by someone group of words.

    while I cannot recall the exact word that took me to Dickens's excerpt, I do remember the distinct feeling of eeriness which was: had I not been reading the excerpt online and at that time been reading a printed copy of the book, I would have tossed it to the ground like I just opened up a spring in a sock in a pringles can.

    I'll stop there so as not to appear any more weird than I often sound on the web.

  8. And I forgot to add the sarcasm symbol for the "I cannot recall" the word that was used in chapter 12.

    But if I could rationally explain the frequency of the words that I don't have a firm grasp on are words that appear in Dicken's, Melville's, London's, Woolf's, Bierce's, and a bunch of reoccurring Russian/German/French authors that end in "ov" "av" "uv" or "on" "an" "un" then I would be able to explain why many books I buy are just to check and make sure the words posted on the net are really what was written, whenever when.

  9. Who, whatever. I have no clear idea what you are driving at except the recurring sense that you are in a set up, surrounded by people or others with plans that often include you more or less directly. I think so too, except that I believe I am almost never the butt of the joke, just incidentally present for it.

  10. tawaoungggggg that's the sound of a ricochet when your just shooting close but intentionally missed me :-)

    Whatever was the perfect reply, I realize I am just off on one of my philomaths (tangent)

    sorry bout that jibber jabber, I am knew at this and I have a hard time accepting a "SYSTEM" that I can't beat. I am addicted to computers but as a game, or more realistically just as having to accept a dominance over me that is like an indomitable abominable snowman.

    It leaves me conflicted, I can't leave the web and I can't stands the snowmen. Sometimes I feel like I want global warming to eliminate all ice, but I know that wouldn't be a good thing.

    and I know your not the IT in it's entirety. I owe you again, for not tearing into me for stuff like this. Thank You



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