Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spider Bite

This poster taken from a post on a blog called entitled "this is premium writing, no?" The post is entitled "mundane murakami"
"Everybody's born with some different thing at the core of their existence. And that thing, whatever it is, becomes like a heat source that runs each person from the inside. I have one too, of course. Like everybody else. But sometimes it gets out of hand. It swells or shrinks inside me, and it shakes me up. What I'd really like to do is find a way to communicate that feeling to another person." - Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami (born January 12, 1949) is a Japanese writer and translator. His works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered him critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Franz Kafka Prize and Jerusalem Prize among others. He is considered an important figure in postmodern literature. The Guardian praised him as "among the world's greatest living novelists" for his works and achievements.
Haruki Murakami's Signature

"Spider Bite" is the latest in the current cycle happening here and on The Waxing Moon

Spider Bite

So yes, it explodes
and yes, I slap you down or
you do me the same,
a damn big shit storm
and I surely hate how you
keep wrecking my high
but I know you went
back there and I'll go soon too,
you waiting for me
in the web you weave
and me all willing again
because it's weird how
it turns all my fault
after I think about things.
God, I love you so.

‎October ‎4, ‎2011 1:45 PM

By the way, I have another poem entitled "Spider Bite" which I posted some time ago. There was a lively discussion on that one. Go here.


  1. Dear Christopher: Your poem is intense and super-real. Thank-you for turning me on to this poet from Japan as well! Interesting guy! Your poem reminds me of the colloquial words of the immortal Kerouac or Ginsberg. Talent +++

  2. Wow, thank you chic. If it is okay I'll just continue being me...

  3. I like the passion in this poem and
    the resignation with which you return to the black widow's web:)

  4. And then her teeth sink in....

  5. I like how this poem makes a definition for 'spider'. I have some of this sort of definition in my own sheaf of poems. It creates a coded language that is very useful ans specific when talking about interior states and my spirit ... a way to do deep communication.


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