Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ice Witch

  In the Grip of the Ice Witch  
Silver Falls State Park, near Silverton, Oregon, February, 2011

Photograph by and holder of copyright:
Name: Jason Friesen
Username: DrAchoo
Eugene, OR

Sorry to steal but it was too good to pass up. I of course, having been there more than once, recognized the location instantly. I am trying to do the right thing here...

Realm of the Ice Witch

Since ancient times, Cholizar the ice witch has dwelled in the frozen lands north of the empires of men, held back each year by the warm hand of spring. But now she has let loose demons of cold to invade the warm southern lands and wrap them in her icy grip! Only the most hardy of heroes can venture into her frozen realm to stop her, before all the world is embraced by her winter spell.

On Her Throne

Sorry for the poor quality of this illustration. The Ice Witch is a wily creature and it is very hard to get her cooperation. She abhors the risk of losing her soul in the images. Immediately after I captured this one, she flounced off to run a protection on her entire estate and another ramped up one on herself. I am not sure if the following poem will appease her. If not, then I am in for it, I fear.

The Ice Witch

I gave the ice witch
a ticket to Bermuda.
her eyes flashed. She stroked
my nose with frostbite, showing
me the gratitude
she should, considering.
She's packing her bags right now,
ready to scoot south.

January 7, 2010 2:04 PM


  1. (i love the pictures)

    from Whitehorse YT
    to White Sands NM

    you saw i flinched
    indeed my backs are packed
    melting me is easy
    but it will take eons
    through States like Oregon
    eventually i will be crystal
    endless dunes of white sand

  2. Friend Jozien. *smooch*

    The Ice Witch Turns Backp

    Oh icy one, why?
    Why do you blanch at day's approach?
    You have turned whiter
    than your snowy wake.
    Creature of moonlight, I would
    offer you the shine
    of the sun's music,
    the symphonic swell of light,
    if only I could,
    if only you could
    stand in the glory of bright
    morning's love of truth.

  3. OopsieDaisy

    disregard the "p" the gremlins snuck in...bastards...


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