Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time To Go, Finding My Way

Just don't ask. I have no idea what the secret message is. I like this poem. Did I tell you I'm an old acid head? Maybe this poem is just a little too much LSD a long time ago. There is truth in it though. I work in global corporate land, and that means union land. That's part of the image here. I work with a steam pipe high overhead, in an old warehouse converted to an office, a cubicle troll using AutoCAD to produce engineering drawings. There is an electrical transformer directly above me that hums away and I know I am in a slightly higher electrical field with that transformer there. And that steam pipe? For whatever reason there is a steam hammer that shakes that line. I wrote this poem at that desk. And just so you know, I lived in Midland in second grade and that going to Texas line came from that rather than from my infatuation with Cherie. I did not yet know Cherie on Dec 8 of last year when I wrote this poem :)

Time To Go

That guage don't read right.
There's higher pressure than that.
Lists of unmet demands.
You can hear the pipes hammer.
Time to get outta this place.
There'll be a sit in
Next door, far enough away.
These guys will pop soon.

I'd invite you in.
I hate to be rude to you.
Where will you go now?

Me, I'm going to Texas.


Here's another take on departure. Here's the delight of reconnecting with old friends by surprise.

Finding My Way

Finding long lost friends,
What a hoot. An owl calling
From the pine, moonshine
Lighting the way I came
To this place. I heard you're here.
I have a young spy.
You know her better
But she fed me, sent me here,
Knew you'd laugh like me.


  1. the first one makes sense to me in a weird sort of way- sometimes i want to go to texas too- or anywhere, thats not here..
    Lisa xx

  2. for the second one,
    I just found an old friend on-line.
    I am glad i found you too; a new friend. Wish i could hear you laugh.(like me?)

  3. Your second poem reminds me very much of the experience I've had with Facebook. It's been a hoot. I've found so many old friends, some from elementary school days, and they are such intriguing grown-ups now.

    As for Cherie, I think everyone is infatuated with her! She is so... infatuable?

  4. Lisa, Yes, it's more "anywhere but here". Believe me, Midland is not a highly rated destination. That's West Texas, is the land of tumbleweed, oil, heat, all kinds of biting or stinging ants, horny toads, barbed wire, and high school football rivalry with Odessa down the road.

    Jozi, Maybe some day I will laugh again :)

    Rachel, Yes, in the last few years I have been hunted and have hunted. There was a curious set of circumstances out of which I had been rumored to be dead. People weren't looking for me. When I showed up again, they were surprised as hell, but there are many of them I don't mind being dead.

    As for Cherie, yes. I hardly believe I am alone in my infatuation.

  5. I found an old friend, and through her blog, I started to comment, then to write again myself. Happily, I've made new friends, too, and I never had to leave the pines or the 'shine, Christopher!

  6. Karen, I have a feeling that we get the life that suits our spiritual needs, that in that sense there cetainly is a destiny. There are probably two distinct destinies based on tendencies toward acceptance or resistance to the spiritual walk, which is niether easy nor does it pay very well, usually.

    So perhaps one has to travel much while another never leaves the village. Perhaps they pretty much end up in the same heart place.


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