Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Work, I Need A Rest

Here are two poems, a whole work day apart on Dec 15. Must have been a hard day in a hard week. I don't remember. But the poems are related and about character building or something. Hey, don't ask me, I just write them.

More Work

I thought I'd be good.
I thought I would shed all this
Like autumn's dry leaves.
I would skin myself
Of all the peculiar ways,
Open like a flower,
In full true color,
Giving off the aroma
Of my arrival.

Instead, here's more work to do,
Just happier doing it.


Here's the afternoon poem. I often go through days now when there isn't much punch left in me at the end of the day. I hope this is okay. I think it is. I think I am just at that stage in my career. Like, it is almost over. Like I could retire today if I had any money. But I don't. :(

I Need A Rest

Sometimes it gets bad,
Like I swell with it all, burst,
Or almost, too much.

Then gravity pulls me in
Nearer to my soul, away
From the hammering,
The construction gang at work
Renewing my life.


  1. I can strongly relate to that second one, and I'm still in my thirties. Hmm. Is that a bad sign? I think it's just life.

  2. Staggering!!! I liked both of them and at the moment can connect very well with the second one.

    I like your blog and shall follow it from now on.

  3. I, too, can relate, Christopher. I can see More Work going in all sorts of directions, but the last stanza really stops it, resigned but okay with it:
    "Instead, here's more work to do,
    Just happier doing it".

    I've felt that way.

    Most days, I do not feel like the speaker in I Need A Rest -- then again, there are those times...

  4. 'just happier doing it'- change of attitude ? amazing x

  5. Rachel, I have no idea if that's a bad sign. It maybe signals early retirement :) All you need is money :( My truck driving buddy says over his cel phone that he has devised his retirement plan. When he gets old enough, he'll rob a bank. If he doesn't get caught, retirement. If he does get caught, retirement.

    Brosreview, welcome.

    Karen, I am glad you don't feel like the speaker in I Need A Rest. I wish I didn't. I love my work, but I need to do no more than six hours a day. That's not possible in my business.

    G'day Lisa. Attitude. :)


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