Saturday, March 14, 2009

Message From The Editors

I'm very sorry but our server, Bluehost, is down, which means that unless you follow this link, straight to issuu, you won't be able to view the magazine. This is incredibly frustating. They've been hacked and are in the process of migrating our site and others to a new place -- it might take 24 hours to remedy.

Here is the issuu link:


Jo Hemmant, editor
Christine Swint, editor


  1. it's really kewl you got your poem published Christopher..... a master thief indeed you are

  2. Thank you for your words and your composition. I have as usual placed it in the folder reserved for your ectoplasm. Pretty soon I figure I will have pretty much all of you there. Then I will work the spell that materializes you here and we will danse, weaving the spells that gathers the dark matter into the lines of the dark energy and materialize a ghost star.


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