Monday, March 23, 2009

Thief, Moonlight

Rachel in her way scooped me again. This first poem - you might compare Rachel's words in the poem Meeting hall that she left on yesterday's post in the comments with mine here. It is not necessarily a different poem, could even be the dialogue with this one. Here is Rachel:

you can see it in the stiffness
in the back of my head
if you’re smart enough,

and me below

I flinch
Enough to know, not to show,

and then I said

You have stared at me.
Your eyes accused me of theft.

And Rachel said,

Why do you keep looking at me
that way

Rachel, you are in my mind as it was last December :)


My eyes scrinch, I flinch
Enough to know, not to show,
I say, "Nothing's wrong."

My skin's burning with this lie
But it's necessary now.

You have stared at me.
Your eyes accused me of theft.
I won't think of what.


This next poem is to the goddess.


Moonlight falls on me
Like watery mist, like snow
In smallest white flakes.

In the snow a voice calls me
In silvery sounding words
That clarify me,
That change the world I live in,
That give me courage.


  1. These are both stand strong in their own right, aside from any dialogue, but yes, it's as if you were channeling Rachel!

    Moonlight has gorgeous imagery.

  2. Karen, it's the other way around. I wrote this back in December.

  3. Christopher, it is a fascinating dialogue! And again, I swear I have not scooped you. ;)

    Your second poem reminds me of one of my very favourite ritual songs:

    Beauty of the earth
    white moon on the waters
    you are she whom we find
    at the end of desire.

  4. Well, not that you know. It is a really long shot. You would have to sift through all my poems by date and coordinate with what I did last December 14 or so. Or me, I would have to figure out what you would write yesterday even though I barely knew you then if at all, I forget. Otherwise we are left with the appalling thought that our minds are doppelgangers. Because this is not telepathy alone, it is future or past tense. Somehow I think you reaching into the past is remotely more reasonable than me reaching into the future.

  5. All this about dates made me go look at my own blog...I had nothing posted on Dec. 14th!! But on the 15th there was this:

    The stars that shine
    lose their light little by little,
    burning small holes in the sky.
    Eyes upon eyes, they gleam to remember

    which lost soul did they guide home?
    The straying feet, the stumble in the dark,
    The weary day has left us searching.

    Searching in the fields the grass so tall
    and rasping against the skin small tears
    that sting and sing remember me I am
    the stars that sing
    again and again we are not alone
    we are one, we are all
    the mist and the ground
    and the moon that rises.

    oh star shine such light
    such dream the pale
    pale light.
    Bring us home again.
    Let us find our way


    And I think that both you and Rachel are archetypal poets... you both reach into the human experience past present and future. It just is so:) You both just scoop!!

  6. Faith, Thank you for leaving your poem here. It feels like a prayer. The more I sit with it the deeper it goes. If I were your publisher I would want you to evoke this feeling. It's a winner.

    As to how you describe Rachel and me, thank you. I am not that sure of that. I hope so. I feel like I reach for the truth. I have no sense that I am pulling from anywhere in particular but I have too much experience to actually try and deny such a thing. Too often in my life some really odd things have happened. I will of course let Rachel speak for herself if she wants.

    Ghost, I spend my days wondering how near or far you are. When you come here bearing gifts as you often do, my gizzard does a little gesture, and I feel my wings trying to sprout again.

  7. Fantastic!!! If you've read my songs, you will realize that I love such poems/songs with dialogue like lines. Keep writing mate!!!


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