Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Did Not Reach Oz, The Other Side Of The Argument

Here is another awakening. You gotta watch them demons. They have a playful streak sometimes. This poem was written a few hours after the poems in yesterday's post. I had lightened up already. Heh.

I Did Not Reach Oz

The tornado took
Me up like sweet Dorothy.
I did not reach Oz.

Turbulence felled me
Like a falling cedar tree.
I crashed down real hard.

Then my eyes opened. I woke.
Just another goddam dream.


I go both ways on this one. I am conscious that many spiritual disciplines focus on the idea of getting out of here, or what it is like once you are out of here. There are others with another opinion. The nature religions question why you would want to get out. There are social religions which focus on doing really well here and not worrying too much about what comes next. I feel, for example that Judaism tends to be like that in some of the mainstream manifestations. I have mentioned in the blogs in a variety of places that while not really Buddhist, I do openly follow the Bodhisattva ideal, and that means no matter what I really feel about the planet, my vow is that I don't really go anywhere unless we all do. Whatever "go anywhere" means. Also whatever such a vow to remain can mean. I feel down deep that such a vow is useful for waking up, whatever waking up means. :)

The Other Side Of The Argument

Heat flows back and forth
Within my heart, also yours
Unless you're a saint.
Climbing up the pole,
Sliding back down the same pole,
Toy clockwork monkeys.

I say sorry to God,
Know I should attempt escape,
But I cling tighter.
I guess I'm perverse.
I want to stay here today.
I have work to do.


  1. You may be talking about ascension? And awakening? I have certain knowings about these things too, without really knowing what they really mean. If that doesn't make sense to you then I may well be nuts :0)

  2. I am more or less always talking about what you are calling ascension and awakening, or else about the stuff of life that gets in the way, or helps.

  3. There's an old Christian hymn that goes, "It is well with my soul." I repeat this like a mantra sometimes, trying to convince myself that it is, indeed, well to be in this place at this time. What I really want to do is to let the fight or flight instinct kick in. Ommmmm...it is well...

  4. I chant Hindu mantra among other practices on the way to work. For the same reason. I need to avoid quitting.


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