Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Initiation, The Consequence Of Lies

Here are two poems written Dec. 12, 2008, but about six hours apart.

I read the Bible a long time ago. Frankly it was hard for me, and not much applied, but when I came across in a few places how dangerous it was to see God, just see Him, I thought, Uh huh. The Greeks had that attitude too, with some demonic divinities turning people to stone if they did not use some trick, and most gods and goddesses coming to the planet in disguise. I would assume not just to be incognito, but also because certain humans would be at least hurt by the sight, so unprepared for a god they would be.

Then there is the business of Eastern approaches to divinity through long training and disiplines of living and spiritual work, or the Jewish sacrificial practice, and the sacrificial practices of so many spiritual walks. All this points to the trouble that might come of an "accidental meeting". The most common practices of those desiring to "see God" is to undergo a probably long period of rigorous living and perhaps also a sacrifice of something dear, perhaps even a son, or as Christians assert, the Son.

Or here is another meeting that can cause trouble. Let us say that a person is somehow essential to God's plan or otherwise extraordinarily worth saving from the Divine point of view. God has to come near to effect this work. It would be accidental on the human side and not on the Divine side. "See the face of God and die" Wow.

This poem takes place in that neighborhood.


When you touched me so,
Changed that single wild moment
To a timeless one,
I had to somehow
Accommodate your presence
In my aimless life.

Do you realize how close
Terror is to joy, despair?

Ever since, I'm tasked
With somehow measuring up
To you this moment.
But first I fell far,
Landed hard, had to pick up
All my damn marbles.


Sometimes I think I would dearly like to be saddled with a growing nose or some such if I began to lie. Other times I am damn grateful I don't. While that last poem was my morning poem, this one was my afternoon poem, clearly showing my descent from the lofty touch of God into the trouble with lying. Guess I am not that good at flying with the angels :) Only six hours. Tsk, tsk.

The Consequence of Lies

Lies wear out the tongue,
Take the buds, file them away.

I depend on lies,
Not meaning to, not knowing,
Then discovering my loss,
The sore spots where buds
Used to be and me knowing
I did it again.


  1. Christopher...You really are a poet friend . I love this poem initiation ...

  2. I have a large marble collection if you lost any of yours;D.

    "Initiation" is a strong poem. The "single wild moment" that. and the "how close terror is to joy, despair" So true...

    But the lies are what speak to me right now... I always used to think of myself as a honest enough person and yet...

    My Own Consequence of Lies

    How is it that I lie
    so easily?
    Each word feels smooth
    on my tongue
    they are safe to hold in my mouth
    and yet they roll
    out like polished jewels
    shiny and rich
    they make you happy
    and keep me exactly,
    exactly as I am.

  3. Linda, thank you.


    I discovered marbles are easy to come by. I keep losing them but I replace them quite easily. The consequence is...I no longer know who is doing the thinking.

    Thank you for your poem gift. Yes. Lying does seem to block any real growth. Of course there are longer term changes that lie outside the limits of our view.


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