Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look At The Looker, My Friend Nietzsche

So this was my Dad's birthday, Dec. 18, that I wrote these two, but I don't know what my Dad's birthday has to do with these poems. I don't know if anything has to do with these poems.

I am glad to report that the "cold" went away with a full night's sleep. My normal sleep time shaves that by a couple, three hours. Then today my boss criticized me heavily for doing precisely what he said to do, then he went out into the bakery and looked again, came back and muttered that "he saw what I was doing" (the right thing). That was the end of that. He is not a happy camper right now. He is wondering how to make the really condensed planning job that we have put out work smoothly at installation. There is no money for more planning. But the next phases will cost too, more if there are lots of mistakes. Uh oh. No longer my fault, now his fault. Life in the fast lane...Don't even try to see a connection with this to the poems. If you find one, it's...YOURS!

Look At The Looker

I thought I was rock
Solid, truly here, anchored
To a real world.
Now you have come by,
Poked serious fun at me
For being a boob.
You tell me to look
Closer at the state of things,
Look at the looker.

You say there's a trick to it.
I say I've gone inside out.


But I wasn't done with the theme. This next poem popped out less that half an hour later, two poems done at lunch. Why Nietzsche? Why not.

My Friend Nietzsche

My friend Nietzsche said
I was missing the point, then
Called me worker bee.
He waved me away,
Said I tried to know too much,
Not good for my head.
He puffed his long pipe,
Told me to go live a bit,
Open up, slow down too.

I want to know why
All this matters so to him,
But not now. Busy.


  1. Ah yes, I will get to it later....unless it gets me first :)

  2. I got to it later and it had expired!


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