Friday, March 20, 2009

A Desert Moment, Perigee

I no longer remember how I got this vision. I think it might have been a vid. I think of the consequences to actions, many unforeseen. Here is a poem about consequences. This was written in the morning of Dec 13 last year.

A Desert Moment

I notice this man
Plunging where he should not go
Between bird and snake,
Separate them so
No harm, but foul as I see
The competition.
And yet the mercy
Is exquisite, the outcome
A wise peace indeed.

Except the bird hurts,
Permanently changed by this
And snake still hungers.

All for unborn chicks
Bird and man have saved.


Oddly enough Rachel over at The Waxing Moon wrote a poem called Wild One which has a theme like this theme. How did she know? She scooped me as reporters say. Of course there are differences too.


With transparent wings
I'll fly to you, see you in
My grand compound eyes.
I shall circle you like Earth
Going round the golden sun,
Eliptical orbit.

At next perigee I'll dive
Straight into your soul.


  1. i make a hoot of triumph at the end
    i liked it so much

  2. Both of these are powerful poems, Christopher. You were thinking mightily last December! The knowledge that the bird hurts and is permanently changed by the experience and that the snake still hungers shows your understanding of nature -- I was going to say human nature. Could this be extrapolated to an example of the natural elements you mentioned in your comments in the last posting, the ones that are mistaken for evil?

    Perigee is beautiful. Pure and simple.

  3. Lirio, thank you.

    Karen, Yes, if you follow the lines of experience, that the moment should have happened at all is an evil from one side and that it was thwarted an evil from the other.

    Human nature is not fundamentally different from nature. Even when you choose to place the divine somehow into human nature, that is an ascent of potential from within and not some imposed anointing from without. At least not for me. Here is Meister Ekhardt on this matter:

    The seed of God is in us
    Now the seed of a pear tree
    grows into a pear tree
    and the hazel seed
    grows into a hazel tree
    a seed of God
    grows into God.

    The anointing is a watering of the spirit but the growth was always there. One thing can no longer be doubted, that except for small pockets of possible alternatives at the edges, most all living things are descended from a common ancestor, and thus all potential is too. The seed of God is thoughout.

  4. Haha! Christopher, I prefer to call it serendipity. There has been a lot of it going around, lately. I don't think it's possible to scoop a source of inspiration in creative writing, because there are so many possible interpretations on everything. Plus, knowing you, your piece was probably written months ago. :) Thanks for cross-referencing me, anyway!

  5. "Except the bird hurts,
    Permanently changed by this
    And snake still hungers."

    --- so very true (I've got the T-shirt and then some :)

  6. Rachel, Yes, this poem was written within half an hour of the second one. You only scooped me in posting. And yes, there has been serendipity going on. I have begun to wonder where it leads.

    Cath, I don't know whether to laugh or cry about you getting the t-shirt. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess :)

  7. Perigree is wonderful too.....:)


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