Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parallels, Fishing

Here is a vision of the world. There are lines of spirit force that web the world. This is what that is like when these lines are invoked by the pure in heart. Please do not think "pure in heart" is a moral statement. It is like a moral statement but it is not, any more than love is exclusive to any one religion.


Lines like threads of love
Web the world with force of light
Without any sign
To note the halfway
Point or any other mark
Yet still stroke the feet
Of those unshod hearts
Who dare to walk in mid air
And kiss each other there.


Here is another way to envision the lines. You need only one line. You do need more than one person. Actually you need a trinity at minimum though there may be more. Remember God is One. Then there are you and me. That's the minimum.


I have no complaints.
Now I have the gold you left
Me for my sinkers.
Gold shines on my line
As I play it out, fishing
For the song of God.

I am fishing stars
In the whole cosmos of love
And you beside me.

How fortunate, and holy.


  1. How beautiful...when manifested

  2. i actually beleive in those lines of thread xx

  3. Well, why wouldn't we...they are there :0)

    I paint them sometimes....


  4. “Who dare to walk in mid air/And kiss each other there.”

    “I am fishing stars/In the whole cosmos of love/And you beside me.”

    – I love these lines... absolutely beautiful sentiments and images.

  5. Michelle, Magic lines in the sky. Ho hum. Just another day on the spiritual walk. Nothing ever happens around here. Just stretching my wings a bit, pardon my breeze.

    Cath, Thank you for your encouragement.

  6. Beautiful, my brother. I especially love:

    "Gold shines on my line
    As I play it out, fishing
    For the song of God."

    I will not forget those words. Ever.

  7. Oh, my, Christopher! "Fishing" feels like a prayer, and I say that with all respect and honor.

  8. Karen, Thank you for a very high compliment. I follow Hafiz as my ideal, and that's what his stuff sounds like too.


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