Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going To The Top Of The Lighthouse, Spatial Orientation

This first is about having company along the way. It is not necessary to travel the path alone.

Going To The Top Of The Lighthouse

I just have to rest.
I've been climbing all these stairs.
I forget how long.
Glad you're here, brother.
We can go on together.
Let me wipe this sweat.

There's some good that's come of it.
My legs are really strong now.


Here's another poem about my guru. Well...I dream this guy up. He takes so many guises that I suspect he's a shape shifter. Oh yes he is. My guru is sometimes called Coyote. So if things get kind of weird around here, just blame my guru, or all that acid I ate back in the sixties, you could blame that, or even blame the Army for giving me meningitis even earlier and frying my brain :) I have a bit of an alternative view.

Spatial Orientation

I am upside down.
I can tell by how you stand
In the near distance,
Pointing to the ground,
Telling me to turn myself.

Without you I'd stay
As I am but now
I have to try turning round
To satisfy you.

I wonder why I do these things.


  1. Upside down is always a good sends fresh blood to our tired thoughts...

    love you truly

  2. I suspect your guru is yourself :0)

  3. Yes Spatial Orientation. I think I like it best of your poems today
    It it were adopt a guru day you would be in the running


  4. {{{Cherie}}}
    Love you truly too, walking the path with you.

    Michelle, There is this dusty four footed loping through the caverns of my brain. He occasionally gives me a headache. Then he jumps out, shapeshifts, and whispers poetry in my ear. I try to transcribe, but I think I get it upside down sometimes.

  5. I dunno Linda, I have scrambled eggs for brains, but at least they're well done...

  6. Your Ascent reminds me of some folks I saw while climbing to the top of the lighthouse in Hatteras, NC last summer. Along the way on landings, people stopped together to get their breath and wits about them. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

  7. i love this stuff- you are a blog treasure to me !

  8. The spiritual connect is evident in these two pieces. As a person of faith, I see this a little differently, but it's wonderful the way it lends itself to all beliefs.

    I've been meaning to visit, having seen your name at Rachel's. I'm glad I did.

    I'd be pleased if you'd check out my blogs (under the Poetikat name) - right now the poetry one is in a bit of a semi-hiatus, poetically, but that will be back on track shortly. There's lots of poetry in my archives.


  9. Lorenzo, Thanks for that image, climbing the Lighthouse. Oh yes.
    I need to rename my poem now. For real.

    Lisa, Thank you.

    Kat, I would humbly call myself a person of faith too. :) I will check your blogs.

  10. "We're almost there, just around the next corner." [my dad's favorite deer hunting quote, and rarely true]

    Coyote showed up at my place today too and told me stop by to say hi.

    High. Higher. Highest.

  11. {{{Lucy}}}

    Robin, I'm glad you stopped by. I'm running out of time these days.

    I recall this...

    "Are we there yet?"


    It wasn't.

  12. if you are well enough to hang upside down, you're well enough to do the dishes....

  13. Christopher, it's okay to travel the path alone, but it is really nice to have others along the way. Maybe a coyote?

  14. Ghost, how about pay bills? Ick.

    Karen, I think I have several bloggers all going along with me. That's what it seems. A poem a while back had me going along with coyote. I don't keep track very well though. You would have to find it. Or not :) Thank you for coming with me.

  15. That first one reminds me of all those old castles in England, climbing those hundreds of stone steps in the spiral staircases. I was ten years old when I did that, and my legs still remember.

    The second one gives me something else.

    Too helpful

    I want to straighten you out.
    I can’t resist making my point
    over and over; No, No!
    You are going about it
    All Wrong.

    I want to shut myself up.
    Nothing delights me
    more than your ass-backwards,
    upside-down self.
    If I fix you, maybe
    I’ll forget how to love you
    at all.

  16. {{{Rachel}}} :)


    Spiritual Judo

    When you give me looks
    like that, I know you are just
    about to tell me
    what's good for me, what's
    right by God, if I'll listen
    to you this one time.
    I long ago learned
    how to use your force to throw
    you past me, to give
    you to God, saying
    You deal with her, my Brother,
    she's too much for me.

  17. Ghost is such a wonderful hoot

  18. Haha! Great spiritual judo, Christopher. I know that move... I think I had it mastered when I was a teenager.


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