Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Do They Really Think

Washington's Boulder River. There is a relatively easy hike to get here. Photo can be found on this site: *click here*

What Do They Really Think

Sometimes I question
things as if they would answer
back, reply to me
in kindness, loving
me, such an ignorant son.
Or maybe changing
it up, I'll compose
poesy something like this
to show how clever
I am when I try.

I say the river coming
to a boulder smack
in its middle course
will complain all the way back
to the birthing clouds
about how it must
turn and roil up, throw its froth
or how trees whisper
against each other
in the rising thunderclap,
waiting for the hail.

‎October ‎15, ‎2013 10:47 PM

I was taught once about lightning and have just now confirmed that while lightning starts in the clouds, most often the really visible path we see is the response that rises from the ground going up to the cloud. In the picture above, the three heaviest looking strikes include these upward directed flows. You would not be incorrect to say that lightning rises. However, it is really both ways most often.


  1. The two-way lightning strike is not too dissimilar to the process that goes on inside one. It can be just as 'exciting'. I liked this poem very much with its sense of 'joining' at a deep, subliminal level. I have begun to wonder of late about communication.

    1. LOL. It's about time to wonder about communication. The whole thing is communication or more correctly communication as we have it is the human manifestation of the interconnections which sustain the universe at all levels. There is no value to our own reversals of entropy without gratitude for the required energy we get by taking it as it is available from elsewhere. At best when freely given, this is the primary form of communication. Monologue is tedious and dangerous if it is relied on for long. One will starve or cause starvation elsewhere by being unavailable. Fortunately it is difficult to maintain such aloofness.


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