Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fate Of The Drunken Pirate - 3 Word Wednesday

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This week's words:

Greasy; Insidious; Reveal

The Fate Of The Drunken Pirate

You had greasy hair
and with all insidious
tendencies fully
flying like your flags
planted in designs taken
from some old tribal
patterns it was brought
to our abruptly challenged
notice, indeed our
peeled back eyes and lids,
that you might reveal secrets
we wanted hidden
for the next decade.
That's why we had to shiver
your rum soaked timbers.

October 23, 2013 6:14 AM

This ditty was found pinned to my chest on a ragged piece of wrapping, me wrapped in chains and anchored to a dumpster in a Cleveland, Ohio alley last Christmas. I was heard to mutter imprecations but not coherently. By the time they sobered me up I had no memory of what had befallen me. They had to replace my eye patch with a fresh one, the old patch being soaked with something uncertain and smelly. They had to whittle me a fresh peg leg. It is certainly awkward to appear as a three hundred year old pirate in Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: "My timbers!" as an exclamation appeared in print as early as 1789. And "shiver!" was used, also exclamatory, first appearing in print in 1791. The phrase "shiver my timbers" was made popular by Robert Louis Stevenson in his Treasure Island ca. 1883. So say contributors to Wikipedia.


  1. very amusing love both the poem and the story

  2. Surely not you?! When I was in Cleveland I was at Euclid Heights..anywhere drunken paths cross..

    1. No not really me. I have relatives-in-law in the Columbus area where my deceased wife grew up. I was once in southern Ohio, the area around Chilicothe attending a Jewish wedding. We flew there from O'Hare.

  3. D'oh - you always catch me out..i heard Columbus was more dignified than Cleveland..

  4. Very interesting story and poem! I read it as teen in Russian...

    1. I take it you mean you read Treasure Island in Russian.


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