Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Three Word Challenge - A Magpie Tale

Back in 2010 I missed a chance to link to the 3 Word Wednesday site. Lately I have been composing and posting my current work most days of the week, only ocasionally filling in from my queue of over 300 backed up poems. Today the usual exercise of Sunday's Magpie Tale challenge is missing because Tess is holding her annual Willow Manor Ball *here*. I have taken this opportunity to pull from my queue.

I am no longer of a shape to dance the Tango nor of the temperament either truth be known. I am grateful for my simplified life now that I am no longer so driven by chemistry and scent. I'm half blind and while still upright, this is with care and a cane now. I am not grumpy. Neither am I seriously debilitated. Well... I am not seriously and debilitatingly grumpy. I assure you I still appreciate the women in my life.

I still know how to pray, by God, I still know how to pray.

Underwater Sculpture Kneeling in Prayer
See the National Geographic photo spread *here*

A Three Word Challenge
(use abstain, halo, prayer, in a poem)

Two syllable words,
a triune group, a challenge,
how do I get there?

How from here shall I
use the word abstain?

I will
place it next to me,
withold myself as
you asked, with all perfection,
earning a halo
and wings and the right
to kneel in prayer as if
I have found myself.

August 26, 2010 8:43 AM
Modified October 20, 2013

Oh yes, the blind part? At the end of the month I shall be entering into surgery to help my blind eye, replacing the vitreal fluid with an inert saline solution. In time that solution will be replaced by my eye's natural secretions.

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