Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Blue Sky Eye

The Spanish Imperial Eagle and the European Griffin Vulture paired in the sky. The photo is one of a series found on this site *click here*

My Blue Sky Eye

I want more than this,
more than I have, blue blue sky
and raptors in it,
more than one's the best.
I used to want more drugs, or yours
would be right because
I never had money
of course, though that's all been changed.
But now my blue sky
eye's still dry and sore
and the stuff I want, money
can't buy anyway.

‎October ‎17, ‎2013 4:38 PM

The classic sin of the seven deadlies that relates to alcoholism and addiction is gluttony. People think of gluttony as having to do with food. However, our modern times clarifies this as we understand that food addiction is about comfort and about affecting emotional and mental states and is not different in this way, not different from alcoholism and addiction which are also about affecting emotional and mental states of being.

Even gambling as described by addicted gamblers and sex by those addicted to that will admit eventually to the way their addictions when they acted out of them would change their emotional and mental states of being. All addicts tend to escalate their use whatever they are using, assuming that more is better or becoming caught in the phenomena of tolerance. It often takes more of the booze or drug or sex or gambling or food to satisfy the craving.

Very often recovering people will joke about their hard times, by saying something like "I was a garbage can addict/alcoholic and would drink or use anything, but my favorite drug/drink was more." Alternatively they might say, "My favorite drug was yours." It is amusing when said this way, but it might be well to remember that these people aren't really kidding. They were among other things gluttons, and while they would quite often be happy sharing your stuff, they certainly would not be sharing theirs. That abhorrence for allowing others to drink or use off their stash certainly contributed to solitary use. It was far easier to stay alone than to share a stash.

The picture I paint here is not universal as there are several varieties of addicts and drunkards but this picture is common as addicted people near the end stages of the illness.

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