Monday, October 21, 2013

Stand Up

Walter as a door greeter at Walmart

Stand Up

Jeff Dunham's partner
Walter has taken that job
as a stand up guy
at Walmart's front door.
They've joked about it on stage
but times are hard now
and their wives have split
and Jeff is unsure what's next.
When Walter greets you
he says, "Buy your shit
and get out!" but he's famous
and no one complains.
It's part of the show.

‎October ‎18, ‎2013 4:11 PM

Jeff Dunham with Walter


  1. this makes me laugh, i don't know if it is for real. I hate the 'greeters' in places like wall-mart so much, so i hardly ever enter such stores. when your Walter would be in such store, be sure i will be so scared i would not enter at all.

    1. If Walter stands there alone, I would be nervous too. He's a dummy and needs Jeff to do anything. Of course he will never admit that. Love you.


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