Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Fall Of Camelot - 3 Word Wednesday

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This week's words:

Allege; Conceal; Propose

The Fall Of Camelot

The scrape of metal
against the stone will signal
his return to court.
He will then allege
it was Lancelot caused us
to falter and fall.
It does no good now
to conceal this thing from those
who judge us wanting
nor should we propose
such starting from heretofore
on to get thee hence.
Oh, it was not him
nor her, not really that did
us in, but the king
was forced by all that
rose in our way to take that
stand, try to save us.
He cannot save us.

October 2, 2013 5:24 AM


  1. the king cannot save us, brilliantly put.

    1. There are many versions of the legend of Arthur, both classical and in modern fiction. It is one of the themes of Camelot that it falls but leaves us with a wistful desire for the egalitarian chivalry of Camelot's culture. One piece of all this though is to remember Camelot's incompleteness. The serfs are still serfs and subject to lords. Modern sensibilities see serfs as very close to slaves. Slaves one must admit were not always abused but were still slaves.

  2. Christopherrrrrrrrr! Hello. Howdy. Just stopping by. I know it's been a coons age! How you be friend?

  3. Noble killing, honorable slavery, who is still fooled by this fiction?

    1. Exactly. And yet the feeling persists. The hygiene is another aspect, no? We almost never smell Arthurian life. :D

  4. Camelot may fall...but magic prevails..and we can use it to save ourselves...assuming we can be arsed! ;)

    1. I agree, Jae. By the way is Jae a name or an honorific like "Sri Ram, Jai Ram"?

      Sri Rama, Jai Rama, Jai, Jai Rama.

      Om apadamapa hataram dataram
      sarva sampadam
      Lokha bhi Rama, sri Rama
      bhuyo, bhuyo namamyaham.


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