Thursday, October 24, 2013

Death On My Shoulder

Gadgetry and color scheme similar to the room I was in but Kaiser Sunnyside's Emergency is divided into individual small rooms. The bed iteslf is a bit different. The emergency cot at Kaiser is on braked wheels such that the people do not move you off the bed for transport, but instead take you bed and all to wherever you are to go.

Death On My Shoulder

When my heart attacked
me and sent me that signal
that all was not well,
it surprised me to
notice my thoughts and practice
had held me steady.

I lay on that bed,
that bad hard emergency
transporter, thin sheets
and open backed gown,
for simply hours, hours while they
decided what to
do with me and then
shot me up with dark morphine.
Next they sent me up.
All this while I joked
and played some with the nurses
and I did not fear.

I knew possibly
I should quake and think last thoughts.
It was not in me.

‎October ‎22, ‎2013 3:15 PM

This experience is several years old now.

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  1. Very interesting, particularly the last three lines. It reminds me........ of a deeper somethingness.


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