Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stress Reduction - Reprise

Stress Reduction

I have no advice
to give, no grand instruction,
only a viewpoint
that repaints the way.

I say stress strongly flows,
a river between
close high banks that press
and force the rising tumult.

So open wide, wide,
so wide that all goes
quiet, placid in the way
of soft meanders.

January 13, 2010 8:45 AM

I first posted this poem and the photos as I show them here nearly two years ago exactly. I choose to reprise that posting this Halloween morning because it is one of my favorite blog post compositions. I was being silly in the first two photos but starting with the poem, I really am a bit serious. I think in the end the post hit a spot of sorts because Blogger recorded over five hundred hits over the last two years. As a post of mine goes, that is no slouch, though my top ten posts all beat it by more than two times. My top post is far more popular with over 10,000 hits, or by about 20 times. I wonder how many people copied and posted the stress reduction directions photo? That is of course what I did. That's an example of "going viral". Facebook is of course full of that.

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