Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Three Crows

I'm asking you this,
please take my hand and hold on.
We are strangers here
(though not all places)
and above us in the gnarled
and naked branches
three crows preen and flash
and crack wise about us both
laying each trimmed log
of our hope down as
the corduroy of one road
however it winds.

‎October ‎11, ‎2013 2:26 PM

What is the significance of three crows?
"Crows are associated with the Celtic Goddess Morrigan. She is a Goddess of war, chaos, death and rebirth. She is also a triple Goddess (maiden, mother and crone). The 3 crows would signify that you are coming into a time of major change, whether you are prepared for it or not. There may be some major disruptions involved, but it will all be for the best, you will have a 'rebirth' and new paths on your journey will be opened to you. Go with the flow and all will be well."
I found the interpretation of three crows *here* AFTER I wrote the poem.

Photoshopped image of The Morrigan by wintersmagic


  1. so, tonight unfolds with alan watts and your poem:) not a bad night at all for me.


  2. I am glad for that. As ever, I hope to please you.


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