Monday, November 24, 2008

True Fate, I Am Not Sad

Here are two autumn poems, one in the outside aspect, the other more an inside job. Trees came up and so did snakes. The first is in the basic "tea house haiku" style. The second varies it a little.

True Fate

A solemn slow walk
Into the fading of green
That bids me come forth.

I open. I see colors,
The gifts of autumn creatures.

I see my true fate.
Among the gifts of God's time,
My soul's a window.


I Am Not Sad

I shed like a snake
But have no fangs, no poison.
Many lives, long gone.

I slither to the table
And dine in costume as if
I too were real.

I am fantasy, shadow,
God's chosen old fool.


I will only say that I relish this new found ability to enter into costume. You will see that I do this often. I like being a snake, a heron, a kangaroo, a caterpillar. If it is indeed hallucination or foolishness, well eff em if they can't take a joke.

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