Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Half Step, Movie

I don't know about you guys but I have a know it all attitude that is hard to shake. I have a story I tell myself about how that came about, and it might even be true. What matters, however, is the arrogance it leads to and the price I pay for that. I have been working on this especially since 1981. Occasionally I get free. More often I can at least apologize. Sometimes I actually successfully make amends.

One Half Step

So my destiny, and yours, is the Way.
And you and I go as we are, we need not quarrel.
The philosopher's knife and glue-
The lover's incense and heart-
But I'm right, I cry,
Exactly one half step ahead
On the million mile journey.


I never know where I might find Him. Surprise is one of His ways. There is a sense of humor here somewhere. He seems to like practical jokes. Oh by the way, here is the "classic" 5-7-5, 7-7, 5-7-5. It seems to me that this form also calls for three thoughts, with the middle linking the first and last.


In the dark empty
Looking for my company,
Finding where to sit.

I sniff the air for popcorn.
I listen, curtain

Fade out, and then in
On pure white, on the iris
Of the eye of God.


  1. Looks like you might be the one who suffers the more...

    About being generous with words and poems, it's immensely satisfying that unlike almost anything else, you can give them away and not be lessened by it, you still have them! But there is something special about having words given to you especially, I think some of the things I treasure most, far more than objects, are words people have given me, particularly in poem form.

    Can I recommend to you Dale at Mole? He's in Oregon too, peaceful and poetical and very very gifted. I don't get there often enough, though I'm resolved to correct that, and though our paths cross and we 'know' each other, he's busy and popular doesn't always get about the comment boxes, but I think you'd like his stuff. He's at

  2. Here it is in link form, to make it easier. (I only know how to do this by making a draft post and copying the HTML...)

  3. Oh thank you for the kind words, and for introducing us, Lucy!

  4. Christopher, that last stanza -- the iris / of the eye of God -- is just magnificent.

    I'm afraid I'm at least half a step behind, probably many thousands :-)

  5. Dale, that line was a last minute change. Thank you for thinking it good. I was writing off a flower like a daisy and the word iris was originally "yellow". I too thought it pretty good when I changed it and not good before. It 10 minutes to get the poem and perhaps 20 days to get the word...

    By the way, I am an experienced but unschooled massage guy who likes to work with energy. Another thing we have in common. I thought of it as a second career but like my first one too much.


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