Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sacred Wings

I sit quietly. I am a monk with a vision before me.
The clouds of my time are departing my foggy heart-
An instant that opens. I accept. Here is my true story
Of timeless space and ageless love. I am two, not one.

I sit still here, and yet am far flung into higher glory
There to share with the winged holy ones my flight
Beyond the slower days of solemn monastic time.
Though I am now far beyond me, still I sit, quiet.

You have called me, called me out and I fly.
You have held me by my sacred wings with a song
Of your sacred wind and I sing to you of light.
I sing of my twinned soul soaring into your sky.

I live ever within my sight of you though I sit here in this holy day.
There I weave the song of love, and here I weave as well the way.


  1. I moseyed on over expecting the party to be in full swing -- but, sheesh, yer just sitting there!

    Oh well ... maybe next year.

    Hopefully, you had a pleasant day!

  2. Here's what I wrote to my sister in reply to the card she sent.

    "I have a cold for my birthday so really all I want to do is go back home and sleep. My cat wanted to stay in the bathroom where the heater vent is. I found a dead bird in the bird water, floating. Humbug. That snarly enough for you? Don't wanna be 63.

    Actually it's all true but I am not in bad spirits."


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