Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sacred Snake

In the deep green dark
I say you can't see me now
Winding on my way.

I am coiled inside, awake,
Ready to burst into light.

In the deep green dark
I sway to the beat of God
Calling for true home.


  1. 'Home' is strong in your poems isn't it?

    The 'Hospital Walls' one you left at mine succeeded in provoking me to tears more than anything else has lately.

    I think I'm going to have to do some printouts of what you have here, to carry about and read at other times; I can't do them justice rushing through.

  2. Lucy, thank you for visiting again. Your Tom in hospital brought back that period with my Annie, who has indeed passed on.

    That is of course what Hospital Halls is about. I wish you well.

  3. Hi, Christopher. You left a lovely poem at my site, and I'm glad to be able to drop in and see yours. Beautiful work. It's very nice to meet you. I will enjoy looking at all of your work.


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