Monday, November 10, 2008


It is such a silly question. Why would I ask?
I sit under this late summer tree in the dust
Of autumn coming. I seek you, seeking truth.

I watch for the turning leaves, as if I could see
Green depart and drier colors stay behind,
As if finding that is finding you, or truth.

I call for you to approach, to take me up
As if you would provide spring’s return now.
Can we fly above, skip this winter's coming?

So in this late season’s light I am a holy fool
In love with you, with truth, entranced in song.
I have called for you, called for life beyond.

Yes, a holy, silly question, now that I have asked.


  1. Hmmmm. I got up this morning, raced to the puter, put this post in before anything else. Then panting from the exertion of carrying the seasons one letter at a time, I started the rest of my morning - all because I forgot the night before until too late. I had packed my puter away for travel to work before I thought to post.

  2. Fun, at first.

    Then, right away, Blogs take over and we are but helpless slaves to them, whimpering about layouts, our hands nervously clicking, clicking, even when there is no mouse around ....

  3. Like A Bug

    I scuttle about
    Looking under things, looking
    For other dumb things.

    I wonder if this is how
    A cockroach feels, at a loss,
    Looking forward and
    Backward all at once, looking
    For stomping feet.

  4. you shall serve the blog
    and the blog shall in return
    make you serve the blog

    That's what it seems like sometimes, but the reward is great.

    Isn't it? Where's my monthly stipend? Oh right, it's not about money.

  5. Christopher, you dear holy fool. Glad our paths have crossed on the web. I shall visit & imbibe again.
    Aloha from Waikiki!


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