Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love Is A Timeless Arrow, From The Vial

Here are two poems that were written quite some time ago, part of the second of two readings I gave at the Carnegie Center as part of a poetry program.

Love Is A Timeless Arrow

I go to the center of me and I find you there.
One step at a time. Hold steady, my love.

I look for ways. I travel on the celestial waves.
I pass stars. Everywhere I find love for you.

Love is a timeless arrow loosed to fly to God,
Then falling back unerring to pierce me through.

From The Vial

On this Monday morning
I breathe in the essence of your soul
From the vial I have kept near the picture
I have of your breath as it comes
To me from your kiss.


  1. These are beautiful, reverent pieces. I especially liked the first line of "Love is a Timeless Arrow." A bull's-eye of a line. ;)

    I really am enjoying reading your poetry. "At the Edge of Departing Things" is a top favorite. Cheers.

  2. I am so raw & ignorant of poetry/
    I know I have always loved certain poetry. I have been told some of my writings, are poetry. I do enjoy yours.


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