Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deep Song, God Grieves

The spiritual life is a dialog. I read a German Christian theologian, Edward Schillebeeckx. He basically said among other things, if I don't have a God who answers, then get a new God. What he meant of course is that in the expanding wisdom of the spiritual life, eventually a person finds his way close enough to understand the dynamic of the inbreath and outbreath. This is a result of the encounter with God. Intimacy is the basic capacity of the spirit. In this tone,

Deep Song

You have found me here.
Your sweet breath is on my neck.
I am not my own.

My heart has opened Your way.
My soul has changed before You.

I practiced so long.
You broke my frozen borders.
We meet in deep song.


Sometimes when I am playing keyboard or guitar, there is a moment like that.

This next one was written last September 11. But it was actually quite a long time ago that I got it that God is also infinite empathy. Thus without question

God Grieves

I am bewildered,
That more than anything else.
That's how I was born.

I saw the far towers fall,
Knew they were still occupied.

It's how I know God's
Eyes, like mine, fill with tears, spill.
God grieves, God still grieves.

The first line speaks of my bewilderment. I am completely sure that bewilderment was my first infantile and emotional response to life.

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  1. The first has something of St John of the Cross about it...


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