Thursday, November 27, 2008

Speaking Truth, The Committee

It is common and probably right to think that just as I am I cannot come before the Lord to speak the truth. First I need to know the truth, no small feat. Next I need to become pure in some deep sense that reaches beyond all the petty gains and losses of the day. Finally I need power, not to influence the Lord but to withstand Him, his holy presence, reputed to burn away all lesser substance. This would not be a problem in any measure, if it were not my deeply sensed calling that I am one who is supposed to stand directly in front of the Lord and speak the truth. Of course I have no idea how to accomplish this or when.

Here is a poem envisioning who I have to be, and when such a thing is very close.

Speaking Truth

The dragonfire
Does rise, a tide within me.
I sniff smoky air.

Beside me, the blaze. In my cave
I stir, open golden eyes.

Soon I will depart
And wing to heaven. I will
Speak truth to the Lord.


I am not skinny. My hair is mouse brown. At least I still have most of my hair. In between my ears, I am not alone. I have

The Committee

It's really crowded.
Too many of us in here.
Sweaty, noisy too.

I want to see out my eyes.
There's a brown crowd in the way.

I lose who I am
Sometimes. I become someone
Skinny, with blond hair.


  1. Very Interesting....


  2. I love The Committee!! The playfulness coupled with the seriousness is excellent. I think there's a committee in my head, but they can never reach a consensus:)

    I've been away for a while, and now I'm having fun reading everything you've done while I've been gone. You are very prolific, and the reading is a pleasure. Thanks for linking me. I'll get you up on my site tonight. Thanks again for the wonderful poems.

    P.S. - The history of your name is so interesting. I'll have to look around more to see if you have any poems about it. Take care!


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