Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ancient Amber

They say that as you get older time flies faster.
That is not what is happening for me here.
I am caught like a fossil in ancient amber,
Perfectly preserved, suspended in golden light.
In the deep of passing time, I am frozen in flight.
On view for any who look, I reach for love.
I am caught in the amber of love’s distance.
Time has stopped for me mid flight.


  1. I love this one, too. My daughter's name is Amber, so the title caught my eye. But that's not the reason I stayed to read it. The poem itself is like amber, a beautiful jewel of words. Sweet slow rhythm, too. Lovely.

  2. Precious things spoken of here - fossils, love, time.

    I followed your advice and went digging your archives as you can see. :)

    You'll see me in the stats, I know I didn't need to announce myself. But I thought of saying I'm around, because when visitors come to my place and I don't know who they are, they make me anxious.

    Maybe I won't comment often, just so you know. Some things are to be appreciated in total silence.


    1. I have never been anxious about post hits. I have no estranged relationships online or any stalkers. I had a stalker once way back in email days when email groups formed. That didn't last long, the stalker went away and then the need for email groups did too as internet media developed.

      Anyway, you are always welcome wherever you pop up.


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