Saturday, November 8, 2008

Surface Tension, The Golden Mean, What Drew Me Out

This inaugurates The View, and I will be posting poetry. This poetry will have appeared often in the comments on other blogs - this site becoming the online archive.

Surface Tension

Man that hurt! I tried
A gainer but landed flat.
My back, oh, my back!

Well no, that never happened
But the fear is ever there.

Stand at the approach
And feel the hole wide open
In my freaking gut!

The Golden Mean

If I ever found
The Golden Mean where you said,
Behind the dogwood
Where that squirrel buried it,
I would stop acting foolish,
Running all around,
Pointing fingers at goblins
I made up from scratch.

What Drew Me Out

I had to climb out,
Packaged like that, broke the seal
Jumped down free but smeared
With the bottle's red contents,
Looking for a bath, looking
For a larger home,
Looking for your constant heart.
That's what drew me out.


  1. Cool! Blue Dawg has joined the Raccoonosphere!

    You'll have a lot of fun here! It's a trip to see "yerself" in print. Christopher, exposed!

    Then later, it will eat holes in yer brain; just ask anyone who maintains a blog.

    Now, ya gotta learn to link, and post pictures. Lucky for you, both are EASY.


  2. I thank you for your welcome, Walt, don't know when I'll get around to the rest, already passed through the linking thing and know it is little special signs and syntax, also that there are some shortcuts. Nothing on the photo thing yet.

  3. Well, do what you can, and the rest of us will walk you through the rest. I am a true computer illiterate, and I figured most of it out with a few pointers from friends -- so I'm sure you'll be able to make quick progress.

    QP, Julie and I have Macs, Robin has a PC, as does Ben. But the Blogger end of it should be independent of the brand of computer in all but a few tiny details. Anyway, after tinkering with stuff for awhile, you'll know where you need help.

  4. Yeehaw, let's celebrate the View! And before you know it, you'll be reminiscing about post #500.

    atop the north wall
    a sentry lights a bonfire
    visible for miles

  5. Thanks Walt, I know I have help.

    Thanks Robin, your haikus are more than welcome here.

    I have figured out my approach, that since I have a whole buncha stuff that predates any blogging, and a whole buncha stuff up to now, that I will start from the back and come forward.

    At the rate of maybe 3 a day...

    Then I won't be posting the same stuff 2 places.


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