Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Question

Dropped a double hit
of Acid and dowsed a well -
over two hundred
feet down in the rock,
found it the first time, baby.
My old friend said that
to his new girlfriend.
We sat on his wood plank porch
and I dreamed of you
years and years before
we could meet. I’ve known this man
since we roomed at school.
I asked, how’s your wife?

April 5, 2014 2:56 PM

Written in collaboration with Irene, see The Well on her blog, Orange Is A Fruit

The rest of this poem is fiction, but the double hit of LSD and dowsing while really high is something told to me by that same friend I went to Creswell to see in yesterday's post. This took place on steep hillside land he bought east of the Eugene/Springfield urban area, well out of town. The well was essential to the house he proposed at the upper end of his land, well away from the road.

The house was partially built when I visited him and heard the story of dowsing on acid. He also said the well digger claimed he hit ground water about half the time and usually between 200-250 feet, drilling through rock. The rock in the area is hard and tough on drills, so the price per foot is quite high. You can spend fairly large money on a dry hole. Both my friend and I trust the psychic things that happen on LSD and so we were not surprised that the dowsing worked.

His wife was at work that day. I know of no girlfriend at that time, or ever, for that matter except before he was married. Can you guess how he got the money to purchase his land?

Oh by the way, dowsing does work. All you need is coat hanger wire bent in an ell shape and grasping the short end lightly go looking for water in underground piping. The long end will twist to align with the pipe when you are directly over the underground run. Many piping contractors who need to find the underground pipes will find them by dowsing. I was a supervisor on one job and the piper handed me his dowsing rod. It twisted for me too, and me with absolutely no training in dowsing. I was not high at the time.

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