Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Devil's Broom - 3 Word Wednesday

Wiki says: The Great Fire of 1910 (also commonly referred to as the Big Blowup, the Big Burn, or the Devil's Broom fire) was a wildfire that burned about three million acres (1,214,057 ha), approximately the size of Connecticut) in northeast Washington, northern Idaho (the panhandle), and western Montana. The area burned included parts of the Bitterroot, Cabinet, Clearwater, Coeur d'Alene, Flathead, Kaniksu, Kootenai, Lewis and Clark, Lolo, and St. Joe national forests. The firestorm burned over two days (August 20–21, 1910), and killed 87 people, mostly firefighters. It is believed to be the largest, although not the deadliest, fire in recorded U.S. history. It was also the deadliest event for firefighters in the United States until the September 11 attacks.

Burn; Hue; Moral.

The Devil's Broom

Travel through the scrub
to the site of the last burn,
mask your face against
the black dust flying
around, look for sign of life,
it's hue here among
all the gray and black.
Pray for the moral return
of peace and plenty,
the breakout of green
in the localized heat death,
perhaps a flower.

May 7, 2014 7:31 AM

Written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. wow that was a huge fire. A powerful piece you've written

  2. Regrowth does occur but not always as you expect it.

  3. I like that you end with the flowers..out of ash many things can re-grow..though things are lost and never the same

  4. Some hope at the end! Very nice write!

  5. Thank you all for your kind words.

  6. "the breakout of green
    in the localized heat death,
    perhaps a flower."

    What a powerful image.


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