Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Secret Business

I slip down the hill
from my hovel. The bedding
is bunched up to look
like I am still there.
If I told you what I'm doing
I'd have to kill you
goes the by now old
joke in these parts but I'm half
serious about
all that. If you have
checked on me before you've not
said anything, so
don't this time either.
I'm nearly done with this thing
and never you mind.

‎May ‎13, ‎2014 3:55 PM

Written in response to Irene's The Sword

Her poem was a response to a poem I left as a comment to her previous post. We are in collaboration like this.

I recommend collaborations. I use them several times a week.

Question: How to avoid writing the same poem over and over?
Answer: Let someone else guide your process, and for a real challenge, let them choose the words as well as some of the images.

If you are really adept, then get more than one source to guide your process at the same time. I guarantee you will end up with poems that are not the same as others you write.

As ever, do not care all that much what other people think of what you do.


  1. Two steps to
    Head the game
    The pawn thinks
    As they jump the
    Puddle left
    In the wake of your
    First move

  2. Hmmn. When i doubt, push a pawn...


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