Sunday, May 18, 2014

First The Twenties, Then The Thirties

Art: Edward Hopper's New York Restaurant, 1922
Image provided by Tess for this week's Magpie Tale, Mag 220

Wordle provided by Brenda for this week's Sunday Whirl, Wordle 161

First The Twenties
Then The Thirties

I've set fine silver
on the alabaster table
draped with white linen
and put down the bread
the garlic oil, my altitude,
all there plain as day -
the haughty pose, mine
as it should be, my plastic
force all chaos bound
before the graphic
of the street people severed
from society.

Asphalt disaster
lurking outside paradise
soon will debride us.

‎May ‎18, ‎2014 3:20 PM


  1. I like this very much, especially these:
    "and put down the bread
    the garlic oil, my altitude"
    "street people severed
    from society.
    Asphalt disaster"

    1. Thank you. Since you singled out lines that belong to the wordle: bread, altitude, disaster, then I must pass your praise through to the wordle for its aid in this poem.

      I say using wordles and other assists in the internet poetry world that I get ways to avoid the same old metaphors and such.

  2. The contrast between the first two and the last three lines are seriously striking. Wonderful write!

  3. Asphalt disaster is inside and outside..having recently been actually debrided I do not wish to suffer spiritual debridement also!

    1. I was very happy when I found "debride". I too have been debrided and feel deeply that I should avoid a repeat experience in this lifetime.

    2. Let's make a pact on that one!

    3. I promise I shall try and talk you out of having any accidents or other situations which lead to the need to debride any wound that may come from those accidents and other situations. In fact, I am saying so right now. Please don't go there. You already know you want no more debriding in this lifetime.

  4. Nice contrasts here...inside vs out...

  5. Thanks, everyone for your kind comments.

  6. Well, I just want a plastic chaos fork....force be damned.

    1. woof Haven't seen sign of you in this place for a bit. Glad to see you now. *smooch*

  7. I have to agree. prophetic. Even a little dystopian. Very nice.


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