Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Lover Overhears Things

Three Word Wednesday
Words this week: Absurd; Groan; Weak

The Lover Overhears Things

You like the flowers
more than you like me. I heard
you say so to him
while I eased my way
out of the green density
of his successful
half acre garden.
I never heard him deny
you the whole way out.

It's absurd. It's worth
a groan or more but I guess
his garden will win
every time, dear.
You are both too weak to find
any effective change.

‎May ‎14, ‎2014 4:35 PM

Written in response to Irene's Coloring The Lines
Also for Three Word Wednesday


  1. that's kind of sad, hobbies are hobbies and should not be put in front of people.

  2. Time to move on, I think, when a woman loves her flowers more than you.


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