Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm A Running Man - A Red Wolf Poem

Running For My Life

A faithless king
dogs me, snuffling my sorrow
like rivers crashing
past rocks and I hide
my house below the cataract
in the darker mists
I found in your eyes.

That faithless king promised me
my own river shore.
Then he pulled the sun
down from my gathering sky.
Oh I've been so lost
without you, my love,
without your sweet blue cascade.

I'm a running man,
running for my life.
That faithless king has lost me
and in time will fade.

‎May ‎1, ‎2014 10:19 PM

Written for Red Wolf Poems, Prompt #211


  1. I checked it out and it's written by Tim Buckey, from his album "Blue Afternoon", not cover of Carly Simon. I confused him with Jeff Buckley. Really nice poem, like "your sweet blue cascade".

    1. If you go to this site, at the top it gives both Joni and Tim as the songwriter and at the bottom only Joni. I believe you are right though. The confusion is that Joni has a River song that is big and Tim did lots of covers.

  2. Very nice and I love the ending.

  3. I like how you derived from the story in the song to create this poem. The landscape is as dark and in a away, it adds to and continues the story.


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