Monday, May 5, 2014

Someone Left The Door Open

I looked behind us
using the brass periscope,
saw the barrier spin
toward atmosphere
and the burn up on descent.
We sit in tandem
in this junk clunker
with its glass wool peeking out
the seams and the squeaks
and groans a constant.
I wonder will we make it,
or go to pieces
on the way back home?
Got to shut the chickens in.
Prolly much too late.

‎April ‎6, ‎2014 10:49 PM

In response to Irene's "Being Together"


  1. Feels like a reprise. Second time round. Delayed posting is like reliving it again.

    1. Well since I have over 20 and presumably growing it is going to happen to you many times.

  2. Replies
    1. Is that like a phrase going around lately...

      "what you said/did/showed me made me throw up a little in my mouth"

    2. Just means I'm salivating.

    3. Aside but I had a sudden craving for KFC today and had one drumstick. It was good.

    4. I eat KFC but I have to sneak it or wait til the woman of the house is out of town because she gets a little unhinged when I eat "junk food". She is a scratch cook as we call the ones who start from raw materials and truly cook. She gets insulted if you eat poorly, as if you are eating junk to taunt her.

    5. You're lucky she feeds you.

    6. I know. I thank her frequently.

  3. That is one fat hen. It is a hen is it?

  4. Ahh Christopher! I love your collaborations.

    1. I am especially fond of what happens between you and me, my friend.


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