Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Off-Piste - Three Word Wednesday

I hope you have a sense of humor today.

Affable; Galvanize; Rangy

Here’s a little lesson in perspective: how small an alpine hut can look against its surrounding peaks, and how big. The Swiss Alpine Club Monte Rosa hut is located on the north side of the 15,203-foot Monte Rosa, the highest point in Switzerland and second-highest peak in western Europe after Mont Blanc. It offers a fantastic off-piste run down into Zermatt, Switzerland, with the Matterhorn always at the edge of your vision.

It sleeps 120 on five floors and has a staff in late spring and summer. It’s open in winter, but you’re on your own. Or as on your own as you can be in one of Europe’s most popular wild playgrounds.

By the way, "off-piste" refers to cross country or back country skiing. A Piste is a groomed ski run.

I Guess This Means Divorce

How do I do this?
You are so damn affable
and sneaky old me
with not such good plans
for your next trick pony ride
oozing out my pores.
I will galvanize
my squad of gremlin tricksters
and surround your hut
with spite, you rangy
cur, you stealer of my peace.
I'm digging foxholes,
setting my mortars,
waiting for D-day, counting
down, down to H-hour.
Just you turn your back.
See what happens next, missy.
See what happens next.

January 29, 2014 8:41 AM

Three Word Wednesday


  1. She is trying to be affable about it and you want your pound of flesh. Did you get hurt or what?

  2. Ha - sounds just like a normal marriage...enjoyed this one !

  3. God morn to you
    I say
    Just another day in paradice
    You grin
    Bit o tooth
    Wicked cackle, far from affable
    U say as from your spoon
    A single frozen pea
    Lofts somewhere
    Morter's away bound to get her
    Bit not sure
    Bout ta rangy got to be close
    Muttered to your tea cup
    Swirling its cozy
    Been galvanized you shout to the sky
    Winking conspiratorioly
    Side talked whisper to me
    Fortified tiz most like
    Gulping sip large hiss
    With the cozy in hand at me u point and
    Hells yes em -tea cup to plate u slam
    That got er for sure
    From the other end o the table
    Starts a high pitched
    Thunder bout a galvanized pea
    Of the two the tea was the latter
    Tipped hat somewhat affably you say
    Looking rangy, bit rakish
    Good day to u sir
    From down the table
    Bombs away! Tea cozy to hand
    Dabbing prune from chin
    With a wink to your mouth it goes, a quick nibble
    Its the fiber
    Important, so they say

  4. Glad I read this first my dear friend
    Sad your words have been
    I have missed you
    Just over a year ago god drew a map in the sand
    The outline of just about everything
    Walk this path tread without doubt
    Its the only way
    Theyll all hate you
    At least parts of the way
    Pain my son most steps
    Starting today
    Like running a rediculously
    Long way backword
    What does running backwords towards that day
    Prove anyway
    We have seen u fall enough over as many years
    Lost a bet he say
    His prayer got answered, and for that he would have agreed, said ok
    Just over a year my friend,
    Backords i have run twords that future day
    Stumbled and fell
    Picked myself up to hear my loves say
    What does it take
    Why try so hard to prove you know how to loose
    I shouldnt have tried to edify
    Should have said
    Made a prayer on that early january day
    Was anwered
    Said ok
    Got one choice
    He told me
    Theres only one way
    Had to walk away from u
    My closest friend as backsord I tread
    I couldnt handle seeing
    That look come to your eyes
    As u watched me dying
    I was given one choice
    He knew that I cant be afforded wiggle room
    Might not end up looking like pieces of debrees
    On an ocean floor
    he carried me much of this way
    Graced with an answer to my prayer
    I said ok


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