Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Complaint - A Sunday Whirl

The Coming Storm 
by Takeru San

The Complaint

"It's so remote,"
you whined, paying the one price
you promised never
to pay. Your impact
illuminates several
scenes that all haunt me.
I lie by the pool
in last year's litter and need
all lifeless now
as you nose the ground
snuffling peevishly at me
and the coming storm.

‎January ‎12, ‎2014 9:38 AM

Written for the Sunday Whirl's Wordle 143


  1. Some people enjoy finding a remote get away. In this instance I guess not!

  2. I lie by the pool in last year's litter - Yes that is the truth, so often that forgetfulness and wanton loss. Very perceptive

  3. 'snuffling peevishly'...nice word combo

  4. I imagined the snuffler as the dog companion, general compliant but occasionally announcing its grievances at your decisions.

    1. It is true that Stella is currently in my life, part Irish Wolfhound and part something else, on the large side of a medium sized dog, and perhaps the sweetest and most compliant dog I have ever known. I am not a dog person, especially a big dog and this dog is not mine. I have the Calico cat Celeste who also lives here.

      It works to have the critter in the poem be a talking dog if you want.

      Stella has pack needs and pays deep attention to what the humans do. Celeste the cat is very opinionated about her own wants and is perhaps the clearest communicator of all the cats I have ever known. She doesn't seem too smart. Stella the dog is a genius among dogs in some ways and she is quite trainable. I continue not liking doggy behavior very much.

  5. Perhaps we bring our own reluctant companions to this field..give them time and they will settle! I love the litter and the snuffling

  6. the presence of another in one's life can be complicated...

  7. Hi. I am a music producer and am currently looking for an artwork for my music. I really loved the artwork that has been put here along with the poem. I was hoping to know more about the creator of the artwork. Thank you.


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